First Posts

I began blogging about three years ago after my fiance, then boyfriend, casually mentioned that he was thinking of getting into it. I scoffed because I had unfounded misconceptions of what bloggers actually did and reported on. I was completely unaware of the importance of said writers and the joy these folks were sure to find doing it. Needless to say, I was hooked as soon as I got started. I've met so many incredible people and have been inspired beyond what I believed possible. I mention this because blogging led to a deeper fascination with photography. I was in awe seeing bloggers upload shots of vacations, or suppers, or beautiful family members. I got a camera and started to teach myself. Many courses, and long nights sitting in front of the computer later, led to this moment, a time when I can take a short break from my original blog (a literature blog; Bookworm Meets Bookworm for those interested) and focus on a new passion in life. This site serves as a portfolio and, in many ways, a new business opportunity for me. However, I want this blog to celebrate the growth of this endeavor, as well as the many adventures that are soon coming; we're leaving Atlanta for Chicago, and we're getting married! Hopefully you'll get to know me better as a person and not just a hired photographer. Join me in this new space, in new places, and the meeting of many new faces. Also, be prepared for the cheese you just witnessed. I promise it'll be worth it. :)