The Creative Stories Project: Flora Detroit in Detroit, Michigan

Welcome to a new chapter in the Beth Priddy Photography story! The Creative Stories Project has been a year in the making and I'm so excited to finally be able to blog about this endeavor and share.

Eager to meet other creatives in my new home (Chicago), I started getting involved in local events, studying hashtags, and performing volunteer work with small businesses. Once I realized these moments made me the happiest, I decided to start reaching out to specific creatives, asking if I could photograph them in their space and element, hang out, and chat to learn more about their process, their dreams, their visions. The Creative Stories Project was borne out of love for my fellow creatives and the desire to connect. Hopefully this series, posted the first Wednesday of every month, will inspire you, introduce you to your new favorite makers, and make the world a sweeter place.

November Spotlight: Madeline Hovey of Flora Detroit

I stumbled upon Madeline's work while surfing Instagram and was immediately drawn to her dreamy and unconventional bouquets. Fortunately, Madeline was more than happy to get together, talk craft, and let me photograph her at work, and so I traveled up to Detroit.

After agreeing on an early morning, Madeline arrived at the Airbnb I had rented more cheerful than I could ever possibly hope to be at 4 AM. We piled into my car, toured Detroit while she pointed out the best spots for portraits, and grabbed coffee at one of the only local shops we could find open at that hour. When I felt I'd sufficiently captured her rather infectious energy, we headed back, unloaded buckets of flowers, and tools of the trade, and settled into the light-filled loft to get to work.

Madeline immediately began pulling flowers out and arranging them, one-by-one, until she found a perfect fit. As she worked we discussed her background-- a California native, the Los Angeles area to be exact-- with family still there and a husband with roots in Michigan. She expressed that she loved Detroit and couldn't wait to grow her business. She talked of creative meetings with other florists in the area, which led to her recent participation in Flower House, an exhibit featuring American-grown flowers installed in an abandoned home, and the all the possibilities. She told me about how she had originally been a wedding planner, but fell in love with flower arrangement after being asked to create table settings for a event she was coordinating, and decided to go full time.

Madeline was easygoing and full of energy! It was interesting watching her as she studied each piece of her arrangement, adding or subtracting another bloom, and then shifting to watch it move and form the perfect composition. It was magical!

Luckily, we had a lot of space to play with, so we moved from indoor to out with each new arrangement to capture the beauty. 

After so much positive feedback on our collaboration efforts, we've decided to offer some visual goodness in the form of fine art prints (see below). Get it by clicking on the Print Shop in the header for details!

Take a look at Madeline's work here.