The Creative Stories Project: Hello 2016!

Vik, Iceland. 09/2015                                                                                 

Vik, Iceland. 09/2015                                                                                

How is it 2016 already? I still can't believe it. As much as I wanted to share another duo of immense talent, I felt that I had to reserve January's post for a reflection on the past year, and my hopes for the next. 

2015 was a good year for me-- I traveled more, my business grew, I met interesting people, I finally started this project after letting it swim around in my head for months, and grew more confident as a result. The Creative Stories Project was purely a personal endeavor when it first popped up because I desperately wanted to meet other creatives. To learn about how they tackled the life of entrepreneurship (and sometimes while juggling a day job, like me) or the creative process, where they saw their work in the world, what their hopes and dreams were, how they competed in the world of small business when it can be so overwhelming.  And while it certainly still is a very personal project, I'm hoping that you, the reader, will also learn something, find inspiration (or your next favorite maker), and enjoy meeting people who put so much into their work. 

I'm not one for resolutions but I do have many goals for the year, both personally and professionally. I want to see even more of the world. I want to write a letter to someone I love each month of the year. I want to start exercising because sometimes when you're cramming work into every hour of the day it falls by the wayside (and the snugness of my pants will prove it). I want to be more present. And I definitely want to focus on taking on more photography work that brings me the most joy and happiness but also challenges me. This project is going to give me that and I'm so grateful I have readers who care and creatives who are willing to give me some of their precious time. So, thank you!

Here's to a kickass 2016!

*I am always looking for creatives to feature, so please please please send over information on makers/movers/shakers you think should get the spotlight treatment here (note: they must be presently residing in (or around) the Chicago or Atlanta areas). Shoot me an email at: or click the Email Me tab above.