Charlene and Dylan at the Peabody Estate

To say I've been busy the last couple of months is an understatement; however, there's no excuse for my absence from blogging a little here and there to show you what I've been up to. Forgive me? Earlier this year I was contacted by Charlene for an intimate wedding at the Peabody Estate. When I first met up with her and her fiancé, Dylan, they were busy running through their vows to get everything timed perfectly so I had a lot of time to tour the grounds. The Peabody Estate is completely charming in every sense of the word and so perfect for intimate ceremonies. It was my first visit and I hope to be returning! Charlene and Dylan were an absolute dream to work with and made my job ridiculously easy. Can't you feel the love just looking at these images?! This is why I love this job so much. Wishing them the all the happiness in the world!