St. Augustine


I just returned from a week-long retreat with my family at the beach. It was a special trip because unlike the many visits before (try my entire life), it wasn't just the six of us that grew in one house together. No, it was the sister-in-laws, and a baby niece, and my Momma's precious grandbaby. My parents had decided a trip needed to be made with the new family that had been formed and the time had finally come. Arriving back in Atlanta sometime last night, and then finding myself sitting on my couch this Sunday afternoon, I realize I'm missing them more than ever.  

In a few weeks I'll be headed to start a new chapter in Chicago with my beautiful fiance. I realize that I'll probably be inundated with so many emotions that I won't immediately mourn the loss of the family time I'm currently blessed with. However, I'll be joining a new family, his, and I'll be making so many new memories and planning so many new adventures. My family can come and visit, and we'll always have the memories of all the years, and of course, this last week at the beach.

Unfortunately, I only managed one photo session at the beach because I wanted to dedicate my time to just being with those around me, so this blog will suffer. However, I did manage to snap some Instagram photos while out and about.

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